Criminal Market Capture

Drug markets are the most profitable illicit markets, why do criminal organizations seek to capture the market for shellfish, avocados, or lemons? 



Peer Reviewed Publications:

"How Climate Change Affects Organized Criminal Group Behavior", OnlineFirst, Studies in Comparative International Development, 2022

Work in progress:

"From Cocaine to Avocados: Criminal Market Capture", with Chelsea Estancona

Criminal Control of Populations

Criminal governance--de facto control of different aspects of populations' lives, economic, political, social--encompasses a wide variety of strategies, some are violent, others are not, what explains this variation?

Work in progress:

"Criminal Governance Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic in Mexico", with Tiago Ventura and Sandra Ley 

"Criminal Governance in Uruguay", with Tiago Ventura, Ines Fynn, and Veronica Perez